The next evolution of the Crush Counter is finally here. Again.

We sent our hopes and dreams off to our boys in Shenzhen late last year. With global chip supply issues for one of the fundamental pieces of that board, we eventually gave it up for lost. We backported many of the advancements to the 1.5, and came out with the Crush Counter 1.6. And then, like a wallet draining miracle, the 2.0 boards arrived.

The 2.0 came in and dumped its entire meter on the 1.6. The fight was so brutal, at the end of it, even existing 1.6 orders had been replaced with 2.0 orders. What a boss.

The 2.0 keeps the same Crush Counter formula:

  • 12 hotswappable Gateron Pro Red keyswitches with individually addressible RGB LEDs
  • 7 rear facing auxilary buttons to keep the top clear for art, and to prevent accidental presses
  • Open Source firmware powered by the blazing fast GP2040 project.

The 2.0 finally sees the RP2040 placed directly on board. This means that we've got USB-C out the rear, and the whole PCB is wafer thin. Please say wafer thin in your head with the appropriate accent.

The case is made of 7 layers of stacked acrylic, with channels built in to make pressing the new, insanely durable aux switches easy and accurate.

We've also added an 0.96" OLED screen. This shows information like your current input, SOCD and directional modes, as well as active key presses. We have a beta input history mode you may have seen on our Discord that will be available as a firmware update in the near future, as well as experimental modes to display custom images.

Finally, as with the short lived 1.6, we're experimenting with a different model for manufacturing and shipping. With the 1.5, we were often innundated with emails from people waiting for the next round to go up. When we completed another dozen boards, they'd have to scramble to pick one up before we were sold out again.

This time, we're going to experiment with selling in blocks based on how many boards are in house or actively in fabrication. This means that time between purchase and shipment will be dependent on how many people are ahead of you in line--but it also means not having to watch and wait and scramble to pick one up.

Because we're limiting these to boards on hand or actively in fabrication, this should put a reasonable cap on time from purchase to shipment. If you're at the front of the line and parts are in hand, it should be 1-2 weeks at most. If the skys open up and everyone buys a 2.0 at once, this time may extend as far as a 4-5 weeks due to shipping and turnaround time from our partners.

Whatever, you love us. You don't mind waiting, do you?

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